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Where to find water sources in Chamonix

Freshen up your holiday with our favourite fresh water sources in Chamonix! On hot summer days, it’s easy to finish your water bottle quickly. Our guide to local water sources in Chamonix tells you where you can top it up. Saving the environment Using a reusable bottle you can incorporate these water source destinations into your […]
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croute local cuisine in Chamonix

More than melted cheese: Savoyarde local cuisine in Chamonix

Isolated for months during long, snowy winters with nothing but cheese and potatoes… no, it’s not the next ski holiday fad! It’s the way the Haute-Savoie locals of long ago survived on the Alpine foods they produced themselves that would stay the distance, remaining preserved for sustenance throughout the season. Perhaps you’re interested in the […]
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Restaurants in Chamonix

Top restaurants in Chamonix for families

Taking the kids out for a meal can be stressful, if the restaurant doesn’t have a kids menu or if they are not welcoming towards little ones. Fast food is always a sure winner with kids and Chamonix does have its own McDonalds (122 Avenue Michel Croz, 74400, Chamonix) and Subway (215 Avenue Michel Croz, […]
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Best pizzas in Chamonix

When you come on holiday to Chamonix in the Haute Savoie regoin of France, you expect to find raclettes and fonues on the menu, along with other traditional foods. And yet, our mountain town also offers another of your favourite dishes: pizza. Chamonix has many restaurants where you can find this Italian speciality – after […]
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Which are the best Locals’ Bars in Chamonix?

During your stay in Chamonix, you’ll discover a town which is overflowing with bars and pubs where the locals love to get together with their friends. Spending your holidays in Chamonix is a great opportunity to live like a local and to make the most of the best deals as recommended by those in the […]
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Places To Buy Locally Produced Food in Chamonix

The Alps are well-known for their iconic food products, but where to buy them when you’re on holiday? Read on for our top tips on where to go for your local food in Chamonix. Buy local food Chamonix Chamonix local food markets The best way to experience Chamonix’s local foods is to head to one of the […]
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Top #foodporn destinations in Chamonix

The best edible social media snacks and the best Chamonix restaurants where you’ll find them. For some people their holiday is only as successful as the photos they share. Whether you’re part of the tribe, have a child growing into one or are a recovering insta-holic…we’ve made a list of the perfect guilty plated pleasures […]
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Round-up of our favourite Chamonix clubs and bars

Whether you’re planning on dancing till the sun comes up or organising a brew-ski as the sun goes down, nightlife is Chamonix is as varied at the terrain which surrounds it. From the selection of Chamonix club choices, to the more extensive list of bars, we’ve sacrificed ourselves to try them all and recommend the best […]
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Top picks for healthy restaurants in Chamonix

Your body is your temple and Chamonix is your alpine shrine! Mind, body and soul are equally nourished at our top picks for healthy eating and specialist diet requirements, at one of the many cafés or healthy restaurants in Chamonix. Read on for our top recommendations for each meal of the day, whether you want to […]
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Best Chamonix bakeries & patisseries

Some of the best pastries, cakes, and breads in the world are French, and you can try and test them all in the Chamonix Valley. Whether it’s your morning baguette and croissant, or afternoon tea with a side of macarons and chocolate eclairs, be sure to consider our top picks for Chamonix bakeries and patisseries. […]
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