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Chamonix ski season round-up 2019

Just like “what goes up, must come down”, all ski seasons must come to an end. This 2018/2019 ski season in Chamonix has had many a new addition to the diverse platter of Chamonix offerings. In our Chamonix ski season round-up of the season that has been, we also look ahead to the 2019/2020 ski […]
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Lady Legends of the Alps: women in mountaineering

Climbing higher, striving further and writing history, women in mountaineering have been making their mark for over two centuries in Chamonix and the surrounding area. We’ve compiled a list of some of the top achievements of these ‘Lady Legends’ in a chronological timeline below. Their exploits in the alps will inspire you too to get up […]
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Ancient ice: Best ice cream in Chamonix & historical ice trade

Chamonix is an icy destination, from towering glaciers to the legion of ice cream and sorbet destinations dotted around town. Ice even runs deep in the veins of locals and in the history of the valley itself: the very ice carved from the glaciers above Chamonix was once the same ice which served the wealthy […]
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To rent or buy ski gear: the naked truth

To rent or not to rent? That is the question, certainly if Shakespeare could ski. It inevitably arises as you prepare for your ski trip and instead of answering for you, we’ve laid bare all the facts we could think of. To buff your decision, we propose a series of four questions and advice from our […]
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Family guide to sledging in Chamonix

The deeper into the winter we go… the deeper the snow. As the powder piles up, the time is right to put on your sledging hat and get up close and personal with the powder! There are a number of spots for sledging in Chamonix and the surrounding area to take your family or friends […]
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