Taking Your Pet on Holiday

France stands as one of the most dog-friendly countries globally, boasting numerous pet-friendly holiday establishments, including accommodations and restaurants. In Chamonix, nestled amidst stunning Alpine scenery, there’s no shortage of adventures and amenities for you and your beloved pet.

Up the Mountain: Where Dogs Roam Free

Embracing Nature with Your Canine Companion

Chamonix’s breathtaking landscapes beckon both you and your dog to explore. Most areas of the valley warmly welcome dogs, but owners need to adhere to local regulations. While your furry friend can roam freely in many places, certain zones require leads for safety and conservation purposes.

Respect for Wildlife

Nature reserves in Chamonix serve to protect local flora and fauna. As such, dogs are prohibited from entering these areas, even when on a leash. Detailed hiking maps available from the tourist office help navigate these boundaries, ensuring a harmonious coexistence between visitors and wildlife.

points de vue de Chamonix for pet friendly holidays

Elevating the Experience

Fortunately, Chamonix’s lifts and mountain railways are dog-friendly, allowing you to ascend to majestic heights with your furry companion. While most lifts accommodate dogs, exceptions include the index chair lift at Flegere and the Aiguille du Midi lift. Keep an eye out for local wildlife, which may roam freely in the surrounding mountains.

Public Transport: Canine-Friendly Commuting

On the Go with Your Pet

Chamonix’s public transport system extends a warm welcome to dogs, permitting them on trains and buses. However, dogs must remain on a lead throughout the journey, with certain breeds required to wear muzzles for safety.

Ticketing for Your Tail-Wagger

For train travel, dogs are required to purchase a ticket priced at 50% of the regular fare, available for purchase onboard the train itself.

Montenvers Train in Chamonix allowing pets

Accommodation: A Home Away from Home for Your Pet

Comfort and Convenience

Chamonix All Year offers a diverse array of pet-friendly accommodations, including apartments and chalets. Whether you seek a cosy retreat or a spacious abode, there’s something to suit every preference and budget.

Chalet Des Amis: A Pet-Friendly Holiday Haven

Among the 12 properties that welcome pets, Chalet Des Amis stands out. Comprising two charming apartments with three newly decorated rooms each, complete with ensuite bathrooms, hot tubs, and garden areas, it’s an ideal retreat for pet owners seeking comfort and luxury.

Chalet des Amis for pet friendly holidays

Town-Center Treasures

Explore the heart of Chamonix with properties like Concordia 7 apartment, offering panoramic views and a modern aesthetic, or Pothecary apartment, boasting underground parking and river-side gardens. With Mont Blanc as your backdrop, these accommodations promise a truly unforgettable experience.

Booking Made Easy

Browse through Chamonix All Year’s website to explore available pet-friendly apartments and chalets. Their reservations team is readily available via email, live chat, or phone to assist with any enquiries or bookings.

Pet Dog called bear in the snow pet dog called ozzy in chamonix in winter Dogon holiday in Passy with snowy mountains

FAQs for your Pet Friendly Holiday

Q: Are dogs allowed on Chamonix’s hiking trails?

A: Most hiking trails in Chamonix welcome dogs, but some areas may require dogs to be on a leash. Nature reserves are off-limits to dogs to protect local wildlife.

Q: Can I bring my dog on public transportation in Chamonix?

A: Yes, dogs are permitted on Chamonix’s trains and buses, provided they remain on a lead throughout the journey.

Q: How can I find pet-friendly accommodation in Chamonix?

A: Chamonix All Year offers a variety of pet-friendly apartments and chalets, filter by ‘Pets considered’ or contact the reservations team for assistance.

Dog in pet friendly Chalet


Embark on a memorable holiday in Chamonix with your pet, where breathtaking landscapes, pet-friendly accommodations, and adventures await. With Chamonix’s welcoming atmosphere and array of amenities, your pet will feel right at home amidst the stunning Alpine scenery. Start planning your pet-friendly getaway to Chamonix today!