A sustainable way to explore the Alps

As the popularity of electric vehicles (EVs) increases, scenic destinations like the Chamonix Valley are adapting to accommodate the growing number of eco-conscious travellers. Nestled in the heart of the Alps, Chamonix is not only a haven for skiing, climbing and breathtaking landscapes but is also becoming a hotspot for sustainable tourism, with improved infrastructure for electric vehicles.

If you’re planning to explore this magnificent region in an electric car, here’s everything you need to know about charging facilities, planning your trip, and making the most of your eco-friendly adventure.

Why Go Electric in Chamonix?

Choosing an electric vehicle for your trip to Chamonix aligns perfectly with the valley’s commitment to sustainability. The region has made significant strides in reducing its carbon footprint and preserving its pristine environment, which sees millions of visitors each year. By travelling with an EV, you not only enjoy a quieter, more comfortable ride but also contribute to the efforts in keeping the air clean and reducing noise pollution in this serene alpine paradise.

Tips for Driving Electric cars in Chamonix

  • Plan Your Charging: While there are several charging points in the valley, it’s always a good idea to plan your route and charging stops. Apps like PlugShare or ChargeMap can provide real-time availability and help you locate nearby charging stations.
  • Parking Benefits: Many parking areas in Chamonix offer dedicated spots for electric vehicles, sometimes even with free parking incentives. Always check the signage and local guidelines.
  • Off-Peak Charging: To avoid the rush, consider charging your vehicle during off-peak times, such as early morning or late evening. This not only ensures availability but could also save you time.
  • Accommodation with Charging Facilities: You can now search accommodation on our website by EV charger as additional requirement filter.
  • Drive Efficiently: Mountain driving can consume more battery due to elevation gains. Optimise your battery usage by driving at a steady pace and using regenerative braking features.

Chamonix All Year accommodation with EV Charging Facilities

We offer a range of properties which provide EV charging, ensuring you never have to worry about running low on power during your stay:

Chalet du Gouter: Offers EV charging for guests subject to a small additional fee.

Chalet le Tricouni: Offers EV charging for guests subject to a small additional fee.

Le Panoramic Mont Blanc Apartment: Offers EV charging for guests subject to a small additional fee.

Le Paradis Apartments, Concordia Apartment & Neige Apartment:

Guests in these apartments will have free use of a public car park access card, allowing them to access EV charging stations within the St Michel or Entreves public car park on a first-come, first-served basis, payable as per any public charging station.

La Cordée Apartments: An EV charger is available within the garage at the Cordée Residence. This must be booked in advance for your stay and is subject to a small additional fee and availability.

Charging Stations in Chamonix

The Chamonix Valley is equipped with several charging stations to ensure that EV drivers have a hassle-free experience. Here are some key locations where you can charge your electric car (number of charging stations is given in brackets):

  • St Michel car park (12) – 611 Allée Recteur Payot
  • Grépon Town Center Car Park (12) – 200 Chemin in Batioret
  • Courmayeur car park (2) – Route des Pèlerins
  • Mont Blanc car park (2) – Avenue du Mont Blanc
  • Entreves car park (2) – Promenade Marie Paradis
  • Allobroges car park (2) – Rue des Allobroges
  • Corzolet car park (2) – Route du Bouchet

Enjoying Chamonix Sustainably

With your electric vehicle charged and ready, Chamonix offers a plethora of activities that align with a sustainable lifestyle. From hiking famous routes like the Tour du Mont Blanc to paragliding over the Alps, the region offers endless opportunities for adventure while minimising environmental impact.

Whether you’re a seasoned EV driver or considering an electric rental for your trip, Chamonix is prepared to make your sustainable journey seamless and enjoyable. By embracing electric mobility, you’re playing a part in preserving one of Earth’s most awe-inspiring landscapes for future generations.

Electric vehicles are more than just a trend; they are part of a global shift towards sustainable transportation. And in places like the Chamonix Valley, they allow you to explore natural beauty responsibly and conveniently. So, charge up, and get ready to experience the Alps like never before.