The beauty of this boutique festival means you shouldn’t miss any of the main attractions as we direct you from one event to the next – a growing mass of party revelers soaking up the jaw dropping surroundings of the fabulous Chamonix valley.

The festival officially kicks off from Friday 30th March at 17:00 with an Apres Ski warm up session featuring some of the best loved local acts from the Chamonix valley.

Throughout the weekend, Chamonix will host a series of gigs and events in a variety of locations across the valley. Every section has its own stamp and brings something new and exciting to the festival.

Live music is a feature but by no means the only thing going on at the festival. From the ‘Alpine Cake Bake Off’ to the mega ‘Mountains Sessions’ we pride ourselves in bringing non stop entertainment both on and off the mountains.

For more information visits the Winter Sessions website.