Whether you’re planning on dancing till the sun comes up or organising a brew-ski as the sun goes down, nightlife is Chamonix is as varied at the terrain which surrounds it. From the selection of Chamonix club choices, to the more extensive list of bars, we’ve sacrificed ourselves to try them all and recommend the best to you.

Plan your bespoke pub-crawl with our top picks below like you would plan an ascent of the Aiguille Verte (but don’t mix the two)!

The “Après ski” strip (in front of the train station):

All within a few metres of one another at the foot of the central train station these three vibrant venues lead the pack as the busiest bars in town, especially in winter! A trifecta of French (Elevation), Swedish (MOÖ) and extra Swedish (Chambre Neuf), they are a melting pot of music offerings, drinks specials and nationalities.

Elevation 1904

255 Avenue Michel Croz, Chamonix

Elevation is the oldest, most historic venue on the strip… at least it was until a 2016 renovation which some say changed the soul of the place and its party output. In saying that, when Elevation has the right mix of friends and music, the memories can still be magic, and their outdoor seating with views straight to the Mont Blanc is most certainly the best. Look out for their guest DJs and outdoor events for a really good time.

Chambre Neuf

272 Avenue Michel Croz, Chamonix

Another recently renovated bar but this time improving the party output: nothing can stop the Swedish après ski momentum when “No Limits” start playing around 6pm (strictly in high ski-season). If you haven’t danced on one of the tables at Chambre Neuf, you haven’t truly après skied in Chamonix!


MOÖ bar cuisine

239 Avenue Michel Croz, Chamonix

Boasting the only self-service beer station in Chamonix can get a little dangerous for your wallet but incredibly fun for groups of four to fourteen. The popularity of MOÖ has been growing with its outdoor seating expansion, as they eat into the well of local Elevation loyalists. The safe bet of the strip (they play funk), it’s one of those places where you’re assured satisfaction whether you pop in for a quick coffee or hunker down for a night of partying.

moo-bar-2-854x367 drinks chamonix club

Rue du Moulin (“Old Chamonix”):

Rue du Moulin has an intimate back alley feel, and with the most bars per square meter it’s where all the best nights seem to end up. There are many more options surrounding our suggested picks as well as an eclectic mix of high-end restaurants, a pizza place to die for, and even an artisanal hole-in-the-wall hot-dog stand.

The Chamonix Social Club

90 Rue des Moulins, Chamonix

Classy, they say, and classy they are, even if just to justify the prices that keep the riff raff away. A gorgeous new décor and mixed-genre music sits this bar on the right side of Yes and No but (like many Rue du Moulin bars) the naughty side of your bank account. If you want to enjoy a good cocktail (spritz or excellent mojito) in style this is one of three top choices in the “Classy” category.

Les Caves

80 Rue des Moulins, Chamonix

A cocoon of class, Les Caves is a chic wine and cocktail bar that feels both underground and lofty at the same time. Regular DJs and live bands play on various nights of the week and the dress code is strictly: look good. Soak up some of the alcohol with a sushi platter from the Cap Horn restaurant upstairs, to ensure you can keep the partying up all night long.


Bar du Moulin

80 Rue des Moulins, Chamonix

The true destination for cocktail lovers and rounding out the third of our favourite “classy” choices is Bar du Moulin. This is the best place to splash out on creative and delicious drinks in an authentic atmosphere with friendly bar staff and an always excellent cocktail of the day.

cocktail bar du moulin apple-sour-854x501 Chamonix Club

Bar’d Up

123 Rue des Moulins, Chamonix

Bar’d Up is the yang to the ying of our top three classy joints. Head there for a no-holds-barred Happy Hour and unbeatable convivial atmosphere. There’s weekly Sing Star, live music, special DJs, a pool table, a foosball table, and of course…the Premier League is their speciality. They love to play the role of the “anti” bar.

Boogie Woogie

65 Rue des Moulins, Chamonix

Chamonix’s smallest pub has a big space in our collective hearts. This cosy bar makes up in ambience what it lacks in size with amazing staff, great food, and cheap drinks.

Central Chamonix:

On your way through Chamonix? You can’t miss stopping by at least one of our two favourite shoe-in’s in the heart of Chamonix.

La Terrasse

43 Place Balmat, Chamonix

I can’t speak as highly of the ambience as I can of the architecture but together they give a “soft launch” atmosphere to the night ahead. Enjoy the quiet atmosphere after dark; Tequila Tuesday and Toss the Boss Sunday are the exceptions if you want to enjoy a rowdier night out here.



17 Place Balmat, Chamonix

Barberousse is an intimate Pirate-themed bar with more rum than you can shake a feather at, and subsequently great (rum) drink specials. There is a limit to the number of people who can enter so get in early for an exclusive wild night in the red light!

Chamonix Sud Square (near the Aiguille du Midi):

Ah, “the Sud”. No fuss by name, no fuss by nature. Not only does Chamonix Sud host the only two nightclubs in town, but our top picks for pubs here also have something for everybody in this cosy corner of Chamonix.

Monkey Bar

81 Place Edmond Desailloud, Chamonix Sud

Monkey is like an old friend; always warm and inviting, full of smiling faces. That first sentence might sound like a poem by kindergartener, but swing by Monkey and you’ll be schooled in how a real seasonnaire local looks and acts.

Getting into the tropical vibe

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South Bar

83 Place Edmond Desailloud, Chamonix Sud

Where the Monkey is “Anglo”, South Bar is most definitely French. Look out for their featured guest DJs (especially DJ Skred) and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the downstairs rave-cave and literally blown away by the bass.


27 Place Edmond Desailloud, Chamonix Sud

The truest, greenest, Irish Pub in town can be found in this lively square. Naturally, there’s Guiness on tap, and even a pub quiz most Sundays. There can be live music and naturally it’s the happiest, go luckiest destination for Paddy’s day on March 17th.

After 2am (Nightclubs)

These days it’s not a “Discothèque”, it’s a “Boite de Nuit”; literally translating to “Box of the Night”. Choose between two of these Chamonix Club offers, and while they’re as stuffy as the word “box” implies, they’re also a lot of frenzied French fun!


200 Avenue Aiguille de Midi, Chamonix

Situated on the outskirts of Chamonix Sud, Amnesia is the largest Chamonix club. A mirrored melting pot of French, Scandinavians, Brits and more, there are two dance floors, seductive booths and big name guest DJs to look forward to. Throughout the week, Amnesia plays host to a number of theme nights, and scantily-clad, highly-talented ‘dancers’ do a number on Thursday nights.

Beware the coat check is 100% compulsory and there is a strict no jogging-wear dress code.

Amnesia-banner23 Chamonix Club

Le Tof

158 Place Edmond Desailloud, Chamonix Sud

Not far from Amnesia is our glittering gay Chamonix club: Le Tof. This venue definitely has a New York state of mind, if your version of New York is underground, crowded, sweaty. Nonetheless it has a friendly vibe and attracts quite a few eccentrics to have a swing around the dancing pole. The staff are always up for a laugh and they host regular parties, often with quite cheesy dress-up themes. It might be a gay club, but everyone is welcome here.

Outside the centre – Argentiere:

Office Bar

274 Rue Charlet Straton, Argentiere

The Office continues the long tradition of a warm welcome for locals and tourists alike with their multi-lingual staff, delicious food, refreshing beers and international selection of wines! Live music, sports on 3 big screens, free wifi and the famous Office ambience (which is nothing like that of an actual Office unless you work at say…Heineken).

The Yaute Café

2100 Route d’Argentiere, Argentière

Tex-mex restaurant and bar The Yaute Café takes its name from the original (local tongue) word for an Haute-Savoie native, but again, everyone is welcome here! It’s the ideal place for Grand Montets après ski with beers, cocktails, billiards and especially for live music, all with a side of fajitas, tapas, tacos and guacamole.

Les Houches:

Kitsch Inn

77 Place de la Fruitière, Les Houches

Where the décor lives up to its name, and the chef and bar staff alike are ready to cook up a good night! Once you see and experience the Kitsch Inn you’ll agree that “cheesy” is the perfect adjective in the same way their nachos are perfectly proportioned. Often frequented by the local Brits, it’s a perfect paradise for thirsty and hungry skiers coming down from the slopes at the end of the day.

La Delice

130 Rue de l’Eglise, Les Houches

Gin and tonics on the terrace! With its huge sunny terrace, La Delice is a real summer pit-stop for mountain-bikers on their way down from the slopes of Les Houches. In the height of winter it’s also the perfect pop-in for a mulled wine while you wait for the main street traffic to die down. You might even decide to stay for dinner and won’t regret it!

Abuse of alcohol is dangerous for your health, drink in moderation.