As Chamonix’s sunny summer continues, the Resort Team had the chance to dive into Chamonix’s Arve river again and cool off with a bit of hydrospeed

Resort Team take the plunge with hydrospeed

Summer is Chamonix continues to be lovely and sunny, and the Resort Team were very pleased to have the opportunity to plunge into the colling water of the Arve river to try the high-adrenaline hydrospeed activity! They were also filming at the same time for one of our summer activity clips, so keep your eyes peeled for when we upload the new video. Read what Liana, Céline, Emily, Lisa and Molly thought about Chamonix hydrospeed.

Chamonix hydrospeed review

I have to admit that knowing that I would do the hydrospeed activity in the afternoon of the day, I was partly excited, partly nervous. However, once we put on the wet suit, wet shoes, gloves, helmets and life vests, and went through a 15 minute training with the guide, all of the sudden I was at ease!

The guide was very thorough and reassured us that everything will go smoothly. He explained how for an hour, the foamy hydrospeed float was going to be our best friend. He was very funny, but at the same time he took everything seriously and we were given all the safety information that we needed.

We were two groups with two leading guides going in the water in the same time, but we also had a third guide with us as well, making sure the ones at the back were doing well.

We started with a quick jump into the river, all of us showing our water skills. It was great to be in the water on a hot summer day, and straight away we were riding the waves and having great fun!

As we were making our way through Chamonix town centre, it was amazing to see all the people looking at us from the bridges. We were all shouting and we wanted to splash them but we were busy keeping hold of the hydrospeeds. It’s easier to splash people if you’re doing the Chamonix rafting!

We made a few stops on our way down, where the guide showed us a few tricks. We let go of our hydrospeeds and then swam to catch them, rolled in the whirlpools and even rode a wave for a few seconds.

The second half of the river was actually more fun, with bigger waves and whirlpools which we knew how to tackle already as the guides were spot on.  We were using our muscles more now to turn the boats to the right direction.

When we reached the end of the ride, we were extremely happy, a bit tired and we had sand everywhere! The minibus picked us up and took us back to the rafting base, and we had a sing-along in the van on the way back with the guide and driver!

Chamonix Hydrospeed Day

We really recommend the Chamonix hydrospeed as a summer activity, for families with teenagers or groups of adults, it’s definitely great fun.

How to book

Chamonix hydrospeed is very popular for those looking for an adrenaline rush and an activity that can be done in a few hours in Chamonix town centre. It’s possible from 12 years, in the afternoons when the water level is higher.

In July and August we strongly recommend booking in advance to avoid disappointment, which you can do before you arrive via our Chamonix Resort Shop website or in resort by speaking to the Resort Team.

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