We’ve been looking back at some of our previous guest surveys to find out what brings our guests back in the summer year after year. Read on and get inspired!

Reasons to book a Chamonix summer holiday

We’ve been looking back over our summer surveys from last year to see what keeps tempting our guests back year after year. So if you’re still wondering whether to book your August holiday in Chamonix, take some advice from our guests below and get booking! See our last-minute special offers here.

You can see more general feedback from our guests about staying with Chamonix All Year in our Guest Reviews, but we also loved their answers to one of our last questions: “What is it about Chamonix that you particularly liked?”

They gave lots of great reasons for coming on a summer holiday in Chamonix – so don’t just take our word for it if you’re still deciding where to head on your summer holiday, read what our guests thought and find out why we love Chamonix!

Top reasons to visit Chamonix in the summer

The beauty of the surrounding mountains. The ease of access to mountain races. (hiking / climbing and mountain climbing). The cosmopolitan nature of the city and the beautiful small museums of Chamonix and Chamonix Valley, where we learn a lot of things.
Corinne Laplace, France – July 2014

It has a buzzing atmosphere with loads to do and the town is compact so that you can walk everywhere and don’t need a car. Access to two ski lifts is on hand and that includes the Aguile de Midi and the glass box and others are easily accessible by the local bus. We loved having our Guest Passes and being able to hop on the us and train for free and that encouraged us to explore probably more than if we had had a car. The walking was brilliant with paths/routes clealy marked and one could walk within the trees along the Petit Balcon Sud which could be reached immediately behind our apartment, or take the lifts to walk above the tree line and enjoy the amazing mountain scenery, usually with Mont Blanc sparkling in the sun from wherever we were walking. We had a fantastic holiday!
Chris Fuller, UK – August 2014

We are return customers because the apartments are so perfect and ideally situated for our large group needs. We never tire of the view of the mountains from our private garden.
Janet Finlayson, UK – August 2014

Good access to beautiful scenery and mountains but with good facilities and entertainment (in case of bad weather) in very close proximity.  The people are also very friendly and helpful and it has a really good vibe.
Spencer Drinkwater, UK – August 2014

Lots to do , easy access to centre but great location just outside in Les Praz. Great transport on trains/buses – free travel card a big help. loved the tree climbing, cable cars and biking
Rachel Hodson, UK – August 2014

A very family friendly resort, with plenty of activities for all members of the family. Beautiful scenery. Easy to get around.
Diane Evans, UK – August 2014

Chamonix Mountain View

You also liked…

Chamonix’s location. The relaxed casual atmosphere, wide range of activities.

Activities, scenery, restaurants, shops etc; all in one space.

The whole Chamonix town and experience was pretty much flawless.

Access to mountains, friendly good ambience

Child friendly and lots of activities

Beauty, variety and great food

Variety of activities. Size of town. Range of services. The Service!

Great choice of summer activities, access to mountains & glaciers, short transfer from Geneva.

Challenging hikes close to the town. The town is small enough to be cosy but has everything you could ask.

The nature. The views. The people. The shopping. The atmosphere. The activities.

The combination of beautiful scenery, access to great range of sports, and good restaurants.

Fun, laid back attitude yet still in France!

We love the mountains, the outdoors and being near a lively town with lots to do.

Great facilities, cheaper and friendlier than Switzerland and largely traffic free

Walking from the door. Free public transport. Atmosphere of the town. Location.

Obviously the mountains but the easy accessibility using the train, bus & telepheriques virtually daily, especially as two of us are no longer in our first flush if youth.

Landscapes and hiking

Everything – the views, variety of activities on offer, busy, well stocked town.

The views are breathtaking and the activities are unique.

The scenery, the location and the amazing atmosphere. We find it difficult to chose any other location which can compare.

The mountains, the town and all the facilities like cable cars and restaurants and shops

Wonderful landscape, most of hikings, holidays for all the family

The amount of different walks and activities there are to do.

The location is perfect. Many attraction both for adults and kids with only few minutes of driving or walking.

I found the town a wonderful little place, everyone I met seemed to be pleasant and helpfull and the mountain views were simply stunning,

Relatively easy to get to, plenty of lifts.

Views, mountains, hikes, close to Italy, Switzerland, good food, climbing, relaxed atmosphere!

UTMB week

Walking in the mtns. The general buzz about the place and the UTMB.

The great varity of activities that are offered. The walking around Chamonix is spectacular

Mountains, views, village atmosphere, friendly people.

The natural beauty of the place is unsurpassed.

Location combines ease of access to the mountains with amenities of a busy town.

Adventure playground, with lifts to help the knees!


Chamonix Family Bike Ride

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