Since Covid-19 hit us in 2020 there have been ever-changing travel requirements and it is important to have the right information before you travel.

Unfortunately, we cannot tell you about any specific restrictions as they change frequently and can differ depending on where you are coming from; if you are travelling through a country, e.g. Switzerland if you are flying into Geneva, and potentially where you have been in the days leading up to your departure.

We understand the complication of trying to find all the information so here is a checklist before you travel and links to several countries information pages. Please check these in the days leading up to your travel to make sure that there are no changes on restrictions.


Make sure you have any Covid-19 documentation required to enter the country (and any transit countries).

Covid-19 documentation that you may need

  • Passenger Locator Form or equivalent
  • Proof of vaccination
  • Proof of negative PCR/antigen test – usually with a time limit of 48 or 72 hrs before travel
  • Check the relevant government websites for each country you are travelling to and returning to.

Airlines especially are being very strict with travel documentation so please check you have the right paperwork before you travel. The airlines normally look at the departure government website for the regulations and therefore it is worth checking these pages too. Eg. For travel London – Geneva – Chamonix, please check UK website for French & Swiss restrictions and for return requirements PLUS the French and Swiss government sites for entry requirements.

This is the responsibility of each guest to ensure you have the correct information.

Links to Government Websites


There is also an EU website with travel information but it may not be updated quickly if restrictions change.


The Chamonix Tourist office has a page where you can find information specific to Chamonix including any rules for the valley, where you can get a PCR or antigen test and information about the vaccine and the pass vaccinal (vaccine pass).