Updated tourist information plus winter and summer guides

We have been working hard this interseason to give our Chamonix All Year website www.chamonixallyear.com a facelift. We always get great feedback from our guests about our Chamonix tourist information and accommodation searches so we didn’t want to make too many changes, but we felt it was time for a little update.

When you start browsing, you’ll see that we have made a few changes to the way things look to make it easier for you to find what you need, modernising the menu pages to make things a bit more visual for you.

We’ve added new information to our Chamonix Tourist Guide, such as FAQs, Travel around Chamonix, Mountain Restaurants and Chamonix attractions, as well as re-organising our Winter and Summer guides.

Now you can find all the information that you need to plan your Chamonix holiday in winter or summer, as we have included not only guides to the summer lift and winter ski areas, but also all of the activities that make a trip to Chamonix so memorable.

As well as ski lessons and guides in winter, check out our favourite non-ski activities plus winter adventures and day trips. And in summer, we’ve highlighted the best activities for adults plus our recommendations for families with kids of all ages, so that everyone can experience the best of Chamonix. And at all times of year, we also organise great value packages for all groups and budgets.

Resort Shop now in French

We have also been busy translating our Chamonix Resort Shop to make it accessible to even more of our guests. Now you can browse our shop en français!

Our French team are now starting work on the main www.chamonixallyear.com website so come back in a while to see all of our Chamonix information in French too.