When you come on holiday to Chamonix in the Haute Savoie regoin of France, you expect to find raclettes and fonues on the menu, along with other traditional foods. And yet, our mountain town also offers another of your favourite dishes: pizza. Chamonix has many restaurants where you can find this Italian speciality – after all, Italy is just on the other side of Mont Blanc! Here are our favourite restaurants where you can eat pizzas in Chamonix.


Pizzas in Chamonix

Pizza Paradisio

20 via d’Aoste, 74400 Chamonix

As the name suggests, this restaurant is a true Pizza Paradise, where you can eat in or take away. Paradisio definitely has one of the most varied menus for pizzas in Chamonix, with classics like the Margherita and also more original flavours like Chicken Curry and the Tahitian pizza which is topped with coconut and pineapple! All their pizzas are cooked in a wood-fired oven for an authentic taste.

The menu has something to satisfy everyone’s taste, and also everyone’s hunger, with three different sizes of pizza including the one-person bambino and the géant which is perfect for sharing.


La Roulotte

390 rue Joseph Vallot, 74400 Chamonix

In Chamonix town centre, la Roulotte offers a warm welcome to clients from its gypsy-style caravan. There’s a good choice of pizza toppings but also ready-made salads, all made on-site with fresh ingredients – making a stop at La Roulotte unmissable. Bear in mind that eating “in” is only available on their terrace which can be a bit chilly in winter, so you may prefer to take away in the colder months.

Pizzeria des Moulins

109 rue des Moulins, 74400 Chamonix

In the heart of rue des Moulins, you’ll find the Pizzeria des Moulins, a very popular restaurant with locals and tourists alike. Pizzeria des Moulins has a great range of pizzas, calzones and salads, along with a daily special pizza and other Italian dishes. There’s a great wine menu and the prices are wallet-friendly too. It’s a great place to start your evening out in the heart of Chamonix’s nightlife, before carrying on to one of the bars on the same street.

Casa Valerio

90 rue du Lyret, 74400 Chamonix

Casa Valerio is nothing less than a Chamonix institution. Located just off the main square in the town centre, with its bona fide Italian chef, this restaurant offers exceptional pizzas – their Margherita Napoletana Extra won best in France in 2007 and came third in the world! Casa Valerio uses good quality ingredients and you’ll taste the difference in their dishes. You’ll also find a varied menu with other Italian classics: choose from antipasti, pasta, fresh fish and more, as well as their extensive wine list.

Le Bartavel

26 cour du Bartavel, 74400 Chamonix

Le Bartavel, located next to Chamonix cinema, offers very good and reasonably priced pizzas, cooked in a wood-fired oven. The staff is also friendly and welcoming, and they have a range of other brasserie-style dishes. There’s also a great variety of desserts on offer – we recommend the ice creams!

You can also choose one of their set menus for 17.90€ with salad as a starter, pizza Regina and dessert of your choice.


13 rue du Docteur Paccard, 74400 Chamonix

Don’t miss the pizzas at this Italian restaurant, with great and efficient service. Neapolis is located in Chamonix town centre next to the river, and offers all Italian classics, but we like it particularly for its pizzas: for an authentic Italian base and good quality toppings, it’s one of the best. The prices are reasonable and the staff is very friendly, meaning that you’ll enjoy your meal in a warm atmosphere and you’re sure to enjoy your meal.

Le Caveau

13 rue du Docteur Paccard, 74400 Chamonix

Overcome by a sudden late-night desire for pizza? Le Caveau is the perfect spot for you! Le Caveau is located close to the cinema and offers pizzas cooked in a wood-fired oven until 2am. The restaurant is located below street level, so you’ll feel like you’re in a grotto as you enjoy the rustic ambience.

Le Café Valentino

30 place Balmat, 74400 Chamonix

This brasserie in the town centre will satisfy any fan of pizzas. The prices are reasonable and the pizzas are well-topped, so you’ll be pleasantly surprised! Le Café Valentino also offers other traditional dishes and a varied wine list.

Pizzas in Chamonix, and much more

We hope that our recommendations will help you to hunt out the best pizzas in Chamonix, but don’t miss our other recommendations for nightlife and eating out in Chamonix.