Ski school levels

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In order to make sure that your Resort Team can book you in to the correct group for ski lessons, we need to know a bit about your previous ski or snowboard experience and your ability. While all ski schools have slightly different requirements, picking your ski school levels from the list below will help any school to place you in the best group for you.

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Please bear in mind that while these levels are a good guideline, they are only approximate and your instructor may suggest that another level would be more appropriate when they have seen you ski.

Kids’ ski levels

Kindergarden3-5 years – never skied
Pooh BearOlder than 5 years, never skied, or very little.
Snowflake I have the “Pooh Bear”. I can do a snowplough and take a ski lift.
1st StarI have the “Snowflake”. I can do snowplough turns, slow down and stop.
2nd StarI have “1st Star”, can link basic turns and started to learn to skid stop.
3rd StarI have “2nd Star”, can link turns, ski parallel and my loop turns skid.
Bronze starI have “3rd star”, can link short turns and have mastered my balance and schuss.

For competition groups and advanced kids’ levels, speak to the Resort Team.

Adult ski levels

BeginnerNever skied
Ski 1Skied more than 1 week, can do elementary snowploughs
Ski 2Average skier, can do wide turns with skis parallel. Blue slopes.
Ski 3Good skier, ski under control on all red pistes
Ski 4Very good skier, ski all terrains, in different snow conditions, black slopes or off-piste.

Kids’ & adult snowboard levels

BeginnerNever snowboarded before, or very little
Snowboard 1Can link basic turns on blue pistes
Snowboard 2Can make standard turns on pistes of average steepness, can slide round 180°
Snowboard 3Can link turns of various arc lengths on pistes of average steepness, jump 180° in the air
Snowboard expertI adapt my technique to the terrain and conditions, can make all types of turn and am in control performing tricks.


Booking and payment for lessons

Once you’ve checked your level above, you can book your lessons online on our Chamonix Resort Shop and pay securely through our booking system. Please remember to specify your level.

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