15th-20th June: Annecy International Animation Film Festival

Just a short drive from Chamonix, Annecy hosts the International Animation Film Festival in June. The latest animated films are screened in and around Annecy all day long – from 10am to 11pm – so there’s plenty to enjoy, from established animators to newcomers. You can also see tributes, retrospectives and sneak previews, plus don’t miss the evening screenings at 10.15pm on the giant screen.

Location: Screenings at cinemas in and around Annecy, plus every evening at 10:15pm at Pâquier lawn
Price: evening screenings are free
Tel: +33 (0) 4 50 10 09 00
Email: info@annecy.org
Web: www.annecy.org

Annecy day trip

Make the most of the film festival by booking the Chamonix All Year minibus to take you on a day trip to Annecy. Our friendly team will drive you from Chamonix to Annecy and bring you back again after a day spent in the ‘Venice of the Alps’! Book and pay securely on our Chamonix Resort Shop:

Annecy day trip: 75€ per person, minimum 5 people. Price includes a return trip the same day.

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